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MORROW BROWN® Allergy Diagnostics


1 box of 2,000 MORROW BROWN® skin testing needles
1 blister pack containing 20 MORROW BROWN® needles.
Each box contains 100 blister packs.

Standardized MORROW BROWN® needle tip



1 complete MultiWell™ II Extract Tray.
Includes 3"x5" tray, lid, and 48 MultiWells™.
1 package of 4 strips of MultiWells™.
Each strip contains 12 wells.
A closer look at the 4 strips of MultiWells™.

The MORROW BROWN® Circular Millimeter Skintest Result Caliper for the most rapid, precise reading.


Testing efficiency can be increased by using the MultiWell™ Extract Tray dip test system in conjunction with
MORROW BROWN® disposable test needles.
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