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Morrow Brown® Disposable Allergy Test Needles!
Easy to see - Triangular point for better penetration
Greater Patient Comfort
With the Morrow Brown® disposable needle allergy testing can be painless and non-frightening. The needle administers quick penetration of the skin.
No Antigen Carryover
The Morrow Brown® disposable needle virtually eliminates false positive results. Because you use each needle only once, the possibility of antigen carryover is totally eliminated. 

More Reproducible
Controlled penetration into the stratum corneum is achieved consistently, due to its built in stop, which provides for controlled penetration and allows each Morrow Brown® disposable needle to consistently make a standard penetration delivering more accuracy and eliminating irregular reactions from scratch type needles or variations in test readings due to differing staff techniques.
Easy To Use
With the Morrow Brown® disposable needle a long series of tests can be done in minutes and, because they are disposable, they require no cleaning or sterilization. It is very easy to train new staff on the proper technique. Nurses love them.
Training CD is available.
Safe & Sterile
Each Morrow Brown® disposable needle is made of a non-toxic plastic. Packaged in blister packs of 20 and sterilized by ethylene oxyde, each individual needle breaks off for immediate use.

Cost Efficient
The inexpensive Morrow Brown® disposable needle offers a safe, beneficial and economical answer to many problems common to traditional allergy testing methods.

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